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Family Warter

The Warter host family has been running the Reslwirt family resort for generations - and this long-term spirit of hospitality is experienced as soon as you arrive. Your hosts look after your well-being throughout the entire stay, because making sure you have a fantastic time is the Warter family's main goal.
Daniel & Sabrina Warter
The Warter Family
Sabrina with their children

Daniel Warter

Hotelier with a penchant for sports and music

Daniel Warter
If you’re wondering who’s in control behind the scenes at the family resort, junior partner Daniel introduces himself with a firm handshake and a broad smile. Daniel is fond of all aspects of the organisation, but especially marketing and sales - and not least for the "Reslwirt Selection". You will often find him at the reception, where he is happy to assist his receptionist. And with a little bit of luck, Daniel will even entertain you with his "Zugan" at the next traditional evening!
In addition to his duties at the family resort, Daniel is a passionate athlete who is particularly enthusiastic about mountain biking and running, as well as ski touring in the winter. And he is a chip off the old block when it comes to cars with their gleaming chrome and powerful engines.

Sabrina Warter

Service professional at the reception

Sabrina Warter
Junior partner Sabrina, known as "Sabi" to her family and friends, welcomes you to the breakfast buffet each morning with a friendly "Good morning". Sabrina's enthusiasm is centred on the physical well-being of guests. So she masterminds the entire restaurant process, assists the kitchen team with professional advice and, on occasion, may also be found behind the hotel bar - because it is there that the children especially fall in love with her unique children's cocktail creations! Tip for adults: ask for "Sabi's Summer Prossi" – the amazing summer drink creation will blow you away!
Her personal "favourite" is the fondue restaurant in the Ennshof. Sabi spends her free time cycling and hillwalking with Daniel and the kids!

Emilia & Elias

Our kids

Emilia & Elias Warter
The family resort would not be a family resort if guests were unable to meet the whole family. So you will definitely encounter the youngest members of the Warter family, Emilia & Elias, during your holidays. The two often take part in the Children's Olympics or spend hours of fun in the children's playroom - fantastic friendships are often also formed there.

Christine Warter

Senior partner and carer

Christine Warter
You will come across Christine in many areas of the family resort. She is your first point of contact when it comes to massages and soothing treatments during your holiday. The reception team is there to assist you and will be delighted to provide information if guests have questions and wishes.
Christine is also a nature-loving hiker and will show you the most beautiful locations throughout the region during the guided hikes. In winter, she is also often out on the slopes.

Hias Warter

Senior partner around the house and yard

Matthias Warter

At the Reslwirt family resort, you will always find a hotel complex that is clean and tidy. That’s thanks to senior partner Hias, who is almost always on duty around the clock to resolve any issues immediately. At the hotel bar, Hias will be happy to regale you with stories about Flachau from the past over a "zingy" beer.
In his free time, Hias devotes himself to his oldtimers - whether they are cars, motorbikes or tractors!

Matthias Warter jun.

Creative support

Matthias Warter
Whether it's the Reslwirt TV info channel, the menu cards or the children's programme – the creative input behind the beautiful and loving design of all the information materials comes from someone who is not only a professional but also a member of the family! Matthias's passion is graphic design and you will see evidence of this throughout the family resort.

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