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Beauty offer

Relaxed and beautiful, thanks to our applications

Treat yourself to a soothing beauty treatment in our wellness area and make yourself feel like new. Cast your everyday worries aside and treat yourself. Give yourself a little time out where you only have to focus on one thing: you. If you book your appointment before arrival, your preferred treatment will be scheduled at your desired date. You can cancel up to 24 hours before the appointment free of charge.
Beautiful skin through beauty treatment
Facial treatment

Current beauty price list

  Beauty treatmentPrices
“Freshness boost“ facial treatment
Immerse yourself in an ocean of freshness and treat your skin to a short break. This invigorating application deep cleanses the pores and leaves your tired skin soft and radiant: cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, facial mask including hand or foot massage, facial massage and finishing.
60 min:  € 75.00
“Reslwirt de luxe“ facial treatment
Pamper yourself at a time when the body and mind are subjected to high stress. Selected ingredients such as pure aloe vera, white tea, hyaluronic acid and vitamins combat the effects of the environment and give your skin a radiant complexion, youthful appearance and nice gentle sensation. Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, facial mask including hand or foot massage, facial massage and finishing.
 90 min:  € 110.00
Cloud treatment
Cloud treatment is a pure, relaxing facial treatment for body, mind and soul! As the name suggests, this special relaxing facial treatment makes your skin feel as if it is hovering on clouds! Pure deep relaxation to let the soul simply relax: cleansing, tonic, special scrub, facial massage, feather massage, mask, finishing.
60 min:  € 85.00
Body candle treatment
Body candle treatment is a massage treatment in which a body candle is used to relieve deep tensions and blockages in the body! At the same time, the energy channels (meridians) in the body are reactivated and thus ensure a better flow in the body.
30-minute back massage, 30-minute body candle treatment
 50 min:  € 60.00
Ear candle treatment
Ear candle treatment is used to prevent prophylaxis, clean the auditory canal, massage the eardrum and clean the nasal sinuses and small brain vessels. 
40 min:  € 48.00
For an eye look that enchants...
Eyelash and eyebrow colouring 
Eyebrow plucking 
Eyebrow colouring 
Eyelash tinting

€ 30.00
€ 14.00
€ 14.00
€ 14.00
Hand bath, nail filing and cutting, cuticle removal, hand massage, varnish
without varnish € 32.00
with varnish € 37.00
Foot bath, nail cutting, cornea and cuticle removal, scrub, foot massage, varnish
without varnish € 40.00
with varnis € 45.00
Hair removal with warm wax
Legs to knee
Bones Entire 
Bikini zone/armpits
Upper lip/chin
  € 30.00
  € 45.00
  € 25.00
  € 10.00

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