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Soothing relaxation with massages

Spiritual well-being and balance are closely related to the experience of one's own body. So, during your holiday, you can also seek solace in our wellness area. After an active day in the great outdoors , you can relax with massages by experienced therapists, or be pampered with beauty treatments.
Lymphatic drainage
Foot reflexology
Massage in spa area

Current massage price list

 Massage offer Price
Classic massages
Back or leg massage to relax the muscles. Partial or full body massage.


25 min: € 38.00

50 min: € 59.00

Leg and foot massage (30 min)
Our feet carry us through our whole lives and we pay too little attention to them. Give your legs a rest for 30 minutes.
€ 40,-

Anti-stress massage  
This very gentle massage technique releases energy blockages and revitalises the body. It has a particularly relaxing and harmonious effect on the body, mind and soul.


25 min:  € 38.00 

50 min:  € 68.00

Foot reflexology (25 min) € 38.00
Combined massage
Partial massage (back) and foot reflexology
50 min: € 65.00
Head and neck massage (30 min)
Stimulating major acupressure points stimulates the circulation of the scalp, loosens the neck muscles, relieves tension of the neck and head, is soothing and relaxing and provides a feeling of total well-being.  
€ 43.00
Manual lymph drainage KPE
This form of therapy supports and stimulates the body’s lymphatic system. The fine rhythmic pumping, circular and pressure movements have a very relaxing and soothing effect. Fluid accumulations in the connective tissue are transported away more quickly, cleaned and returned to the bloodstream.
25 min: € 38.00 

50 min: € 68.00
Facial lymphatic drainage (25 min)
A gentle, light pressure and pumping massage for draining lymphatic fluid located in the skin and tissue. This results in a holistic detoxification and purification. Lymphatic drainage is: dehydrating, relaxing, detoxifying, purifying and soothing
€ 35.00
Sports massage (50 min)
Particularly recommended after sport. A special muscle and joint balm with Chinese mint oil accelerates the regeneration of the muscles and prevents muscle soreness.
€ 78.00
Honey massage (60 min)
This special back massage with high-quality honey from the region works on the nervous and immune system. With a special technique, honey, sea salt and cacao extract impurities and poisons from the body tissue. The treatment activates self-healing powers, stimulates the reflex zones of the back and ensures an optimal excretion of toxins (e.g. cellulite, cold, extreme joint pain)
€ 80.00
Inca Stone Massage (90 min)
Enrique Heinz Hübner learned traditional Inca massage techniques from a shaman. Warm basalt stones are the highlight of this extraordinary full body massage. They not only provide physical relaxation, but also physical and mental balance. The muscles are loosened, the lymph flow is stimulated and tension is relieved energetically.
€ 120.00

2 therapists:
€ 160.00
Lomi Lomi Nui (90 min.)
The special Hawaiian temple massage Lomi Lomi Nui combines a full body massage with fragrant oil blends - similar to ayurvedic massage - body stretching and joint loosening, as known from shiatsu. Since Lomi Lomi Nui includes both, relief of congestion, tension and blockages is improved. A special feeling is created when the application is performed using four hands, i.e. two therapists.
€ 110.00

2 therapists:
€ 150.00

Lomi Lomi (50 min)
Special temple massage from Hawaii accompanied by Hawaiian music. Lomi Lomi means massage from the innermost core of being and is based on the Huna philosophy, which bestows a feeling of security and joy. It creates deep peace and relaxation. Inner balance is restored.

€ 80.00
Cupping massage (50min)
Specially for skin and tissue tightening, to release tension. All metabolic processes are activated and the degradation of impurities in the connective tissue is mobilised.
€ 68.00
 Massage offer for children & teenagers Price
“Bambini“ massage - from 6 years old
Partial massage (25 min)
Full body massage  (40 min)
€ 30.00
€ 40.00
“Teenie“ massage - from 12 years old 
Partial massage (25 min)
Full body massage (40 min)
€ 30.00
€ 40.00

A tip from

Christine Warter

Christine Warter

I recommend the Lomi Lomi Nui - Hawaiian massage technique. This can improve relief of congestion, tensions and blockages and enable you to experience a completely new version of yourself!
If your appointment is made prior to your arrival, your desired treatment will be scheduled at the desired date (you can cancel it up to 24 hours before the date free of charge).


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