Reslwirt holiday resort

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Reslwirt family resort
Gasthof Hotel Reslwirt Warter & Co. KG.

Ther Warter family
Dorfstraße 10
5542 Flachau
Phone: 0043 6457 3030
Fax: 0043 6457 3030-27

Electric charging post

Electric charging post

At the hotel in Flachau

We care deeply about the environment! That is why, with our electric charging post at the hotel, we are supporting developments in the field of e-mobility.

It is also an ideal way to refuel your car for a long-distance journey - north/south or vice versa – and perhaps you will then choose the more relaxing travel option which includes a stop along the way and an overnight stay at our hotel?

Arriving by car

Take Exit 66 (Flachau) from the Tauern Autobahn A10 (coming from Salzburg/Villach), then at the first roundabout take the 3rd exit in the direction of Flachau town centre. Follow the road for about 2 km, passing MPreis, Schnitzleck, Almrausch, BBF-Center, until you reach Raiffeisenbank, where you will take the first left (don't drive into the underground garage!). Drive another 60 metres and you will see the Reslwirt on the left. Free parking spaces are available on site. Underground garage parking spaces for a charge (EUR 10.00 per day).

What you should know about Austrian road traffic:

  • Motorway tax sticker/toll: motorway tax stickers are mandatory on marked roads in Austria. There are also special tolls for tunnels and bridges, etc. Motorway tax stickers can be obtained in all shops or at all filling stations (also at indicated motorway filling stations in Germany near the Austrian border!)
    Since November 8th 2017 you can also easily and conveniently order your digital vignette online, all important information about the digital vignette can be find here!
  • ! Please note that for consumer protection reasons, the digital vignette will not be valid for 18 days from the date of purchase.
  • It is no longer mandatory to switch on your vehicle lights during the day in Austria. The law forcing drivers to switch on vehicle lights during the day in Austria was repealed on 1/1/08. However, the Board of Trustees recommends switching on headlights to improve traffic safety!
  • Warning vests must always be carried on board: the carrying of warning vests is mandatory for all drivers in Austria! Warning vests must be worn by drivers of multi-lane motor vehicles when placing a warning triangle on a rural road. On a motorway or road, it is compulsory to wear the vest when the driver leaves the vehicle and is on the road or the hard shoulder! In most cases, a fine of EUR 14.00 will be levied on the spot for non-compliance.
  • Mobile phone ban at the wheel: as in most European countries, it is forbidden to use mobile phones without a hands-free car kit while driving. If you are caught, you have to face a high fine (from EUR 25.00).
  • Speed limits on Austria's roads: out of town/highways: 100 km/h; motorways: 130 km/h; local area: 50 km/h (unless marked otherwise by signs)
  • Drink-drive limits: in Austria, the upper limit is 0.5 per thousand. For those who have had driving license for less than 2 years, the 0.1 per thousand limit shall apply
  • What to bring in the car: in principle, it is mandatory to carry first aid kits, warning triangle and warning vest while driving in Austria.
  • Obligation to use winter tyres in winter conditions: as of 1/1/2008, there is an obligation to use winter tyres on Austrian roads from 1 November to 15 April! However, conditions that are explicitly "winter conditions" must prevail. Snow chains may also be used as an alternative to winter tyres. Parked cars are excluded from complying with this regulation.

Arriving by train

Radstadt railway station is 12 km away. Then take a bus or taxi to Flachau.

If you will take the train, search for your best route plan here:

Arriving by plane

From there, continue by bus or taxi.

Taxi & Transfer

Are you coming by train or plane? Our partner taxi firms Reiter and Taxi 3000 offer a realible service to bring you from your final destination to Reslwirt and back!



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