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Last Minute offer

in our family resort Reslwirt****

-10% dicsount on the room price when booking on this available dates!

Available periods in the main building reslwirt:
14.01.-20.01.2018 double rooms (for 2 persons)
25.01.-27.01.2018 double rooms (for 2 persons)
09.02.-10.02.2018 double rooms (for 2 persons)
14/15.01.-20.01.2018 family rooms (for 3 persons)
28.01.-31.01.2018 family rooms (for 3 persons)
28.01.-03.02.2018 family rooms (for 3 persons)
04.02.-07.02.2018 family rooms (for 3 persons)
18.02.-22.02.2018 family rooms (for 3 persons)
17.02.-24.02.2018 family rooms (for 3 persons)
14.01.-20.01.2018 family rooms (for 4 persons)
27.01.-04.02.2018 family rooms (for 4 persons)

Available periods in the annex Ennshof or Landhaus Emmy:
21.01.-23.01.2018 (double room for 2 persons)
21.01.-23.01.2018 (twin room for 2 persons)
28.01.-31.01.2018 (double room for 2 persons)
13.01.-20.01.2018 (family room for 4 persons)
15.01.-21.01.2018 (family room for 4 persons)
15.01.-21.01.2018 (family suite for 4-6 persons)
24.01.-26.01.2018 (family room for 4 persons)
18.01.-21.02.2018 (double room for 2 persons)
28.01.-03.02.2018 (family room for 4 persons)
17.02.-22.02.2018 (family room for 4 persons)
24.02.-27.02.2018 (family room for 4 persons)

Last Minute price on request !

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