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Activities in Resl's Kidsclub

Extensive children's programme

Boredom is guaranteed not to be a factor on your family holiday when it comes to the supervised activities at Resl's Kidsclub. Your loved ones will have a really great time here, make new friends, experience excitement, thrills and laughs and surprise themselves with what they are able to achieve. You will find a small selection of what we offer here.
Painting in Kidsclub
Doll kitchen in the Kidsclub
Chill Lounge

Games & handicrafts

Children playing games with child care supervisors
Ideal when it is raining outside or snowing in winter: our childcare supervisors play with your children, draw, do handicrafts - whatever your loved ones want to do. Your children can also make new friends quickly, cooperate with each other and even take part in a little drawing contest.

Snowman building

Child building a snowman
This is always fun - especially when it has just snowed: group snowman building! Who can build the biggest snowman?

Children's cooking

Children cooking
Always a special event is cooking together: Kaiserschmarren or pizza baking. You'll be surprised at what your little ones can achieve!

Outdoor games & excursions

Tractor tour
There is a lot of fun to be had in our children's playground, where the children can show off their sporty and skilful sides. You will discover the area together with your new friends on the oldtimer tractor tour, and you will have fun with your loved ones on our family hikes.

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